Your privacy and security are important to us. It is a focus of our company to ensure your conferences and personal data are kept secure throughout every step, from account creation, to payment details and of course during and after conference calls.

Moderators have the ability to secure the conference room

  • Everyone in your room is visible via the participant list.
  • Prevent participants from uploading and presenting unwanted content via the chat by choosing 'moderator only' access.
  • Remove and block unwanted participants using the 'block' feature - accessible via the participant list.
  • Lock your room using *5 via phone or using the lock button in the online meeting room that is accessible via the 'settings' cog in the menu on the left (not available with all subscriptions).
  • Add one-time access codes & security PINs to your meetings. This can be set during the scheduling process via the 'security settings' button under the meeting description section (not available with all subscriptions).

Conference security code

Protect your calls with a security code (not available with all subscriptions - check with your company admin):

  1. Via the settings section of your account to apply to all future conference calls (existing scheduled calls would not be modified). 
  2. Or, when scheduling a call, via 'security settings' on the first page of the scheduling option.

When enabled, all participants will be required to enter the access code and this security code to join the call. This is useful if you want to have one particular meeting that is private. The security code can be changed as and when you like.

Access code and moderator PIN

The access code and also moderator PIN can be changed at any time. If you are at all concerned about who has access to your codes - if a company employee leaves for example, or if details were shared with someone who should not have access - then resetting the code or PIN via your settings will change your conference details for ALL future conferences. Anyone using an old code or PIN would no longer be able to access your conference calls.

Sharing your personal information

We DO NOT AND WILL NOT sell our customer data to a 3rd party. For example, we do not have a "login with Facebook or Google" feature, so there is no way your data is shared with other platforms.


Media is encrypted from all participants to our server. The media is decrypted on our server so it can be processed and encrypted again before being sent to the other participants. Only 2 person point to point calls typically are encrypted end to end. Most video conferencing services will decrypt the media so it can be processed. If it was encrypted end to end we would not be able to offer other features, for example we could not allow video recordings.

Desktop app

Our desktop app installation was verified to be secure by VeraCode as part of the PenTest run in late 2019.

Guiding Principles

Our company applies the principles and rules of GDPR to all customers, even customers outside the EU region.  GDPR is widely considered the gold standard for privacy protection worldwide.  While legally it only applies to EU/UK residents we believe in protecting our customer’s personal information is important regardless of their location.