To speed things up when you call in to your conference as organizer, simply enter your phone number in the 'Settings' section of your account. This will log you straight into the call as Moderator without having to enter your PIN.

*Be careful not to use a shared phone number, such as an office number used by several colleagues, as only one caller at a time can enter your conference with the Moderator PIN.


To activate this option, log in to your account and select 'Settings', then click on 'PIN-less Entry & SMS' from the general settings menu on the left. This will display the screen below where you can enter your phone number and select your country from the drop down menu. Click on 'Save' to register your settings.


Here you will also notice that once you enter your phone number, we will send you text message notifications reminding you when your scheduled calls are about to start. If you don't wish to receive these notifications, simply click on the slider to turn them off.



If you would like participants to be able to join your call with PIN-less entry, then your callers will first need to sign up with us and register their phone number in their account in the same way. Then all you need to do is to schedule a conference and invite those participants using the email address they are registered with.

Our system will then identify that they have been invited to your call, so when they call one of our dial-in numbers, they will automatically be logged into your conference call without having to enter the access code.